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College Life

Ahh. Crack open that new found sense of freedom that comes with living away from home and enjoy a big swig of the college life. The downside? With freedom and power also comes great responsibility. Who doesn’t need a little help from a trusted source like mom or dad, the university or even a sidekick? MyCollegeCondo.com is here, right by your side, ready to help you blaze your path to independence.

You may have aced juggling class work, a social life and activities before, but college throws a few more curve balls your way. Homework is crammed in between classes, social gatherings, extracurriculars and jobs. Things like searching for an apartment, cooking, cleaning and even laundry need to happen, but the question is, when? With so much coming at you, use MyCollegeCondo.com as your guide for living off-campus, dealing with roommates, knowing your rights as a tenant, protecting your safety and more. Search for off-campus housing with ease and free up more time for hanging out with friends, tidying up before impromptu parent visits, catching up on laundry or even studying for that next big exam. See About Us for more information.

In addition to searching for a place equipped with amenities for student life, you can also check out the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages of the off-campus community you are interested in right on MyCollegeCondo.com. Check out the social scene and connect with friends you didn’t realize already live at the community of your choice.

FAQ for Students

  • Where can I find more information about living off-campus at my school specifically?
  • What do I consider when choosing an off-campus student housing option?
  • What do I need to know before signing a lease?
  • What should I be aware of when contacting a potential management company for information and the tour process?
  • Now that I’m no longer under my parents’ thumbs, what types of rules should I expect when living in an off-campus housing option?
  • What precautions can I take to stay safe?
  • How do I handle living with roommates?
  • What are some ways to meet new people outside of the classroom?
  • How do I budget my finances now that I’m living off-campus?
  • How can I personalize and decorate my space within the restrictions of the off-campus housing community?