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Why Buy?


Investment Value – Appreciation of real estate in Fort Collins has averaged 6.3% per year for the past 31 years and has never depreciated! As long as you have to pay for a place to live during college, wouldn’t it be nice to have something besides rent receipts when you’re done? See the Appreciation Table for Details

Tax Benefits – Unlike rent payments, interest and property tax payments on a condominium or townhome may be tax deductible on your Federal and State Income Tax returns. If you rent out extra bedrooms to help cover the monthly payments, you may be allowed to take depreciation and Home Owner’s Association Fees as expenses as well. Tax benefits can make the cost of owning Less than the cost of renting! Buying Vs Renting Comparison Chart Check with your tax advisor for your particular situation.

No Landlords – It should come as no surprise that in a college town, landlords guide to online casinos for canadians sometimes take advantage of student renters. Often rentals are filled with as many students as possible and the landlord does the bare minimum to maintain the property. Many students encounter landlords who, without proper cause, keep all or part of the damage deposit at the end of the lease. If a student rents 3 different places during college, that means the risk of losing 3 different deposits. And 3 moves! See Rental Cost Chart.