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How Renting Adds Up

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Curt Schreiber in Uncategorized

Use the table below to calculate how much money you will have paid in rent by the time you finish your degree. When you pay rent, you are paying the landlord’s mortgage and you get nothing, while the landlord receives all the Tax Benefits and Appreciation from owning real estate.

Years Until Graduation

Monthly Rent
Two Years
Three Years
Four Years
Five Years

Your Landlord says “Thank You”.

Look at the next page to see the amount in TAX BENEFITS you could have earned last year in addition to building equity, if you had owned a condo or townhome to live in instead of renting.


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  2. BB,Many people ovlreook that inflation’ is not just the physical printing of more money, it can also be the devaluation of the underlying credit of the fiat issuer, in our case the US Govt. (or combo thereof). We are not necessarily seeing the former (yet), but we are already seeing the latter, namely China and our other creditors (and in the UK with theirs) demanding higher long term rates to sell our bonds than the Treasury estimated. This happened again last week, but was not widely reported.The more Obama and team follow Bush’s lead by spending like the proverbial drunken sailor (no offense to sailors out there they hate to be compared to politicians!), the less value our dollars carry. China will demand more dollars to sell us their cheap crap, and commodities prices will again increase in dollar-terms.Housing? Prices will stay depressed because buyers en masse won’t feel confident enough to buy for some time to come, in part because I think their wages will continue to stagnate as companies continue to struggle. Taxes and consumer goods will steadily go up because of this inflation, draining excess cash from buyers, while long term fixed rates will go up to compensate our creditors to hold our bonds, so big ticket items like homes and luxury cars will languish.Its just starting now; not fully there yet, but the slide has begun and will only pick up steam as the govt’s stimuli continue. We may finally FEEL it 2-5 years from now en masse, but its happening now.I hope to God I’m wrong, though.

    • Rents will be affected by inflation just like other consumer goods. We are already seeing rents rise dramatically all over northern Colorado. Mortgage payments, however, will be locked in for the term of the loan and rates are at or near the lowest they have been in our lifetimes. High demand for residential rental properties from both local investors as well as large national investment groups is a result of high returns they can get on their rentals. That means renting is not a winning long term strategy.

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